• Major Utility Improvements and Community Benefits

    We are excited to update you on the ongoing utility improvements along Wilshire Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd from January through June 2024. These essential enhancements are part of our ongoing investment in One Beverly Hills and part of our commitment to future-proofing our community's infrastructure.

    Key Utility Upgrades

    1. SCE Electrical Hilton and Cory 16KV Circuits: These circuits are being relocated and upgraded to provide added redundancy and future capacity for the City of Beverly Hills and support our investment in OBH.
    2. Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Line: The MWD line is being relocated to the westerly property line to allow for future realignment of Merv Griffin Way with Whittier Drive and to accommodate the proposed public botanical gardens.

    Visual Aids for Understanding

    A map of a city

    Figure 1: SCE Relocation Work Plan Overview These illustrations will be available for the public, offering a clear understanding of the enhancements.

    A map of a city

    Figure 2: MWD On Streets Work Plan These illustrations will be available for the public, offering a clear understanding of the enhancements.

    Safety Measures During Construction

    • Daytime Work: After restriping and barricade activities, no other daytime street activities are expected, minimizing disruptions.
    • Nighttime Work: The MWD line adjustment across Santa Monica will occur in phases over several nights. Safety measures such as lighted message boards, flagmen, and reflective delineators will be in place for secure traffic navigation.

    Community Benefits

    • The SCE utility upgrade is a forward-looking project that not only supports One Beverly Hills but also ensures our community's electrical needs are met for years to come.
    • The MWD line investment enhances the water distribution network, helping to ensure MWD has the infrastructure to serve Beverly Hills residents into the future.

    Inquiries: For further inquiries, please refer to our contact information provided along with the visual aids.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work towards building a better and more resilient community.

  • We heard you….

    Several of our neighbors told us that last week’s elimination of the left turn to Whittier from Wilshire Blvd was an inconvenience and was exacerbating westbound traffic congestion. So we took action. Working closely with city staff, we developed a plan to restore the left turn lane effective immediately. We were able to accomplish this by adjusting the width of through-bound lanes and narrowing the construction zone.

    Enhancement Period: One evening restriping event beginning the evening of Thursday, January 25, 2024, starting at 9 PM, through the Morning of Friday, January 26, 2024, ending at 5 AM and to remain in that final condition through May 31, 2024

    Affected Area: From the borderline of the City of Los Angeles into Beverly Hills, concluding at Trenton Dr.

    Lane Adjustments and Restriping: During the restriping event, traffic West and East on Wilshire will be restricted to one lane in each direction until completed.

    • Eastbound Wilshire Blvd will be adjusted to include a left turn lane onto Whittier Dr.
    • Westbound Wilshire Blvd will be adjusted to include a left turn lane onto Merv Griffin Way.
    • Other than the added turn lanes, Eastbound and Westbound, Wilshire will remain in the current state.
    • Eastbound left turn restrictions will be maintained at Trenton and enhanced with additional lane delineation will be added to further define the no left turn restriction Eastbound Wilshire.

    1.      Whittier Dr., (See Enlarged Map)

    2.      The Alley between Whittier and Trenton, (See Enlarged Map)

    3.      Trenton Dr. (See Enlarged Map)

    • While the closure is full-time, the active enhancement work will occur Thursday evening through Friday morning, from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

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    Navigation Assistance:

    • Detour signs and comprehensive traffic management measures are in place to assist motorists in finding alternative routes.
    • We request your cooperation and understanding during these improvements.

    Contact for Inquiries: Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.

    We are committed to enhancing the infrastructure in our community with minimal disruption. Your cooperation and patience are greatly appreciated as we strive towards a safer and more efficient One Beverly Hills.

    Thank you for your attention and understanding.